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Student Well-being Survey
Student Well-being SurveyFocus
The promotion of student well-being through targeted school programs helps students to flourish in their education and also promotes self-esteem, confidence and motivation. In addition, students who are happy at school display higher levels of attendance, and are less prone to developing illnesses. Student well-being is an important consideration in today’s educational environment, particularly with an increase in knowledge of disorders that affect students such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Students’ well-being is positively correlated with academic performance, and has a remarkable influence on whether students continue with further education. Students who are more optimistic, motivated and show a positive connection to their school tend to be more actively engaged in their academic work, and are more likely to be well-behaved at school. The information gained from this survey assists school management understand the pertinent issues within their student population and can be used to direct and influence targeted interventions to improve student well-being across individual year levels, in specific student sub-groups and between boys and girls.

The Student Well-Being Survey focuses on six key areas:

  • Socialisation
  • School Environment
  • Self-confidence
  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Motivational goals

Our consultants will discuss the most appropriate options for your school and we will tailor the survey to meet your needs as a school leader. The survey will be set up online for you accessed via our website or a link we can email to students. Alternatively, the survey can be set up on computers for students to complete in class. We will provide you with guidance to maximise the number of students who respond to the survey. Each survey takes approximately 20 minutes for students to complete and once responses are received, we will analyse and report on all qualitative and quantitative data. Your data is held confidentially and securely. To enhance confidentiality, we report aggregate results. Our Educational Psychology team will analyse your data and report back to you.

You will receive an informative, concise, well-presented and easy to read report that accounts for each key component measured by the survey. You will also have the opportunity to nominate the benchmarks that you would like to be measured against (e.g., sector, location, denomination, single-sex schools, etc.), to reveal how your school compares to other school. Additional options include the availability of supplementary analyses plus recommendations for improvement via our Educational and Consulting Psychologist team. To ease the presentation and discussion of the report outcomes, you can elect to receive a PowerPoint presentation summarising key findings. Our experienced Educational and Consulting Psychologists are also available to conduct teleconference feedback or visit your school to discuss the findings with you or the appropriate groups within your school.

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